Cryptologic Blackjack Settings

Cryptologic-powered casinos offer a number of variants of blackjack. One of the most popular is Atlantic City Blackjack. Within the game is a settings button that allows players to configure the game to their liking. Important actions and warning messages are two of the options that can be configured after clicking the settings button.

There are a few tips to using this button that will improve the experience at any Cryptologic casino. The settings button is divided into two sections:

  • Insurance
  • Player warnings

In the Atlantic City Blackjack variant an insurance bet is available when the player’s face up card is an Ace. If the player feels the dealer will draw blackjack, he can place a side bet equal to half the original wager as an insurance measure.

In the Insurance category the player has three options:

  • Always offer insurance
  • Always buy insurance
  • Always decline insurance

Keep in mind the insurance bet is not a profitable move in the long run. Therefore buying insurance on a regular basis is a losing proposition. Ideally it is best to always decline insurance. Therefore, by selecting one of the three aforementioned options, you can auto play this aspect of the game. Typically it is best for new players to always decline insurance until they are comfortable with the game.

In the Player warnings section, which are always defaulted to enabled, warnings are issued when a player hits on a hand of hard 17 or higher, stands on 11 or less and doubles on hard 12 or more. These are moves that should never be made by the player. Therefore, these warnings are issued to protect the player against an accidental clicking error and do not indicate correct or incorrect play.

The warnings can be disabled through the Settings option but is an unwise move. Although the warnings can become irritating, they always cause the player to rethink that specific move. Those that are confident in their moves and not making errors are taking a risk by disabling the warning messages.

These settings are important to consider when playing any variant of Cryptologic Blackjack as they can help you remain focused and eliminate errors. Since there are no checks in a live game, these settings make it much easier to play blackjack online than in person.