Slots Manufacturers Changing their Marketing Strategy

Over the past few years slot game manufacturers have seen an influx of customers complaining that the machines are too tight for winners. As a result, slot machine manufacturers are looking to change their marketing campaign. Recently, slot makers showcased their most recent creations at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas. Their aim next year is to offer customers more bang for their buck.

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Aristocrat Technologies

Aristocrat Technologies has begun developing games that allow the customer to win slot games more frequently for smaller amounts. This allows bettors to play much longer. Many of their new games have been programmed for additional free bonus rounds. The company’s newest creation, “Reel Tall Tales,” will activate one of five free bonus rounds approximately every nine spins. Another machine, “Rockin’ Olives” hits one in every three spins.

Marketing Strategy

This strategy keeps players entertained so they feel they are getting more out of each game and consequently each spin. In the past many customers felt like they were putting their money in the machine and losing it immediately. This new method allows them to go much longer on $20. Many manufacturers are taking this a step further in allowing players to be eligible for the top cash prizes without betting the maximum number of coins for each spin.

Bally Technologies

For instance, Bally Technologies, “Money Wheel,” gives players the chance to win best online casino singapore extra cash by touching a digital wheel and betting only 40 cents as opposed to the maximum $2 per spin. Most slot makers are moving away from forcing players to increase their bet to be eligible for the jackpot.

The House Edge

Slot games are programmed to guarantee a return on investment to the casino over a period of time. Therefore, there is a trade-off from to allow gamblers to win incremental amounts more often. This results in a loss over a longer period of time. However, these less explosive games means players will win the trademarked jackpot less frequently.

Many industry experts do not believe this new marketing strategy will work in this economy unless game makers actually change the way the games work. Slots have always ground down player’s bankrolls and in a recession it will be more difficult to sell these ideas to the average consumer. Casinos and game manufacturers have an uphill battle at attracting new players and retaining the old.